This racking unit is intended as a free standing unit ideal for positioning within a sliding door opening. It consists of a series of horizontal trays suitable for drill boxes, service cases and the like. 

This unit is fully backed to stop any items falling behind the unit and can be positioned just about anywhere in your van (subject to clearance and suitable points to secure the unit to).

Made entirely from quality 'Q-Mark' hardwood plywood. Our plywood is 100% hardwood throughout.

Constructed using a combination of mortise-tenon and housing joins for maximum strength and reliability.
Trays are grooved at the front and then glued and screwed and sit in mortises cut into the end panels. 

Please check very carefully where you intend to position the unit in your van that firstly there is enough room and secondly that you will be able to secure the unit to the interior. If intending to position within the opening of a sliding door, for example, then you may need to consider screwing through the van's bulkhead and also into the flooring etc. These units are quite heavy and will need securing very well.

The price shown is for a unit with height 122cm, width 60cm, depth 40cm and with 6 horizontal trays.
The trays are positioned 2cm, 40cm, 58cm, 76cm, 94cm and 112cm from the bottom of the unit respectively.
If you need any aspect of this design altering then please contact us in advance for a price. Price does not change if simply wishing to reposition the trays etc.

If opting for a courier delivery (as opposed to a collection in person) then please note that we ship these units in a single parcel. Assembly is very straight forward and full assembly instructions will be emailed following purchase, although they are available any time for download through this website.

As a free standing unit we cannot really give much in the way of installation instructions. The buyer needs to be absolutely sure that he/she will be able to secure the unit in the desired location using a combination of self-tapping screws (if fixing to the metal framework of the van), wood screws and fixing brackets. We can supply some fixing brackets on request, though we only stock 65mm angled brackets which may or may not be of any use with your van's particular set-up.

Click the specification tab (above) for more details (including dimensions etc.)
Height Up to 1220mm for the price shown.
Width Up to 600mm for the price shown.
Widest Depth Up to 400mm for the price shown.
Weight (approx) 25kg
Number Of Trays Up to 7 for the price shown.
Tray Depths Up to 400mm for the price shown.

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Drill box racking unit

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